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Sonia Danica Thrall as Supergirl

Danica Thrall as Supergirl on Superheroines.net

Very excited.

I went to Superheroines.net today and I found that Danica has featured as the lead actress in not one, but TWO superheroine films.

Superheroines.net is a website where people can download short movies featuring some really sexy superheroines. Already they have worked with some really stunning models include Funda Onal and Vicky Lloyd (from X-Factor).

So, you can imagine how happy I was when I downloaded the film. I purchased via Paypal and I was sent a link to the movie in just a few minutes.

And then the film… well I can’t tell you how SEXY Danica is in the film. Here is my brief synopsis of the film and my review.

So the film opens with the boyfriend looking through some comic books. Danica wearing tight wet-look leggings is walking up the stairs and the boyfriend hides his comic books.

The boyfriend then leaves and we get shots of Danica walking around looking extremely sexy in her tight leggings showing off those amazing legs.

She finds the comic books, and when whilst wishing in her head she could be like Supergirl, Danica is then magically transformed in to Supergirl! The transformation part is really good.

And then she is just standing there looking amazing. The costume is a kind of blue semi-shiny leotard with a skirt and of-course a red cape. And I can tell you now guys, Danica looks awesome:

Danica has the lead role in a short film called ‘Superwoman – a Super Wish, part 1’ at Superheroines.net.

I downloaded the film and I’ve got to say that although there is no nudity, Danica is absolutely stunning and she is actually a very good actress.

Danica makes the perfect Supergirl. Blonde hair, big boobs under that tight spandex Supergirl costume – man she looks great!

So, you’re a “normal” transformed into Supergirl and given an amazing new body… what is the first thing you do? That’s right! Check it all out!

Danica runs to the bathroom and examines her new body, cupping her breasts, lifting up her tiny little skirt to reveal her bum cheeks, and running her hands along her thighs. This part of the film was pretty… er… good viewing!

So what does a Supergirl do then? Wait for her boyfriend.

The boyfriend comes home and Danica is working out in a very sexy bright pink leotard. Why is she working out? Lord only knows, but I’ll tell you know that it makes for some great viewing:

The boy friend is a little bit surprised, and really caught off guard by Danica’s new confidence in her self and her new body.

So then, she explains to the boyfriend what has happened, and she then transforms herself into her alter ego: Supergirl:

And then a really great part of the superheroine film is where Danica then starts showing her boyfriend all her new superheroine powers like her amazing new strength, her heat version etc.

Every time the special effects are awesome and really make it look like Danica has these amazing superheroine powers.

And then finally, they make love!! Heh heh… well not quite, but there is a final steamy part of the story where Danica in her Supergirl costume put him in quite close and allows him to study her new boobs and she places his hand on her toned thighs.

And then it ends.

So my review/thoughts?

It was amazing. I’m not normally into the whole superhero thing, but I have to say Danica made the best Supergirl I’ve ever seen. She has blonde hair, she is tall, and on most crucially she has a cracking, super girl body. The costume was a really important part of the film and the costume was really well fitted and tight. It helped that Danica has the most amazing pair of breasts that looked just amazing in that spandex costume. And her stomach being so flat accentuated her boobs.

Oh.. and I couldn’t forget the red boots. Any girl in boots is a friend of mine, and Danica toned calves looked pretty hot in those sexy red boots.

In all, I think the film could be longer, but seeing Danica cup her tits when she first transformed into the super hero, I couldn’t be disappointed!

Download it now from:


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Danica Thrall on SuperSexyHeroines website as Supergirl

Whilst trying to find more pictures and videos of Danica Thrall I came across a superheroine website called SuperSexyHeroines.com

Looks like Danica is one of the superheroines on the website, and she has a profile on the super hero site:


It just says that Danica is stunning model from the UK. But the best bit are the 4 new images of Danica that I wanted to share with you.

Below is a little gallery of Danica dressed up as Supergirl in a very tight flattering blue spandex costume. She looks amazing, and her boobs look great.

Danica Thrall as Supergirl

The fourth picture is of Danica in a tiny tight white crop top with no bra. You can just see the outline of her small nipples through the semi-transparent spandex top. As you can imagine her stomach is really tight and as always she has that amazing smile.

Danica wearing spandex top and showing her nipples

So it looks like Danica was in two stories:

Supergirl Blind Date
Raw Supergirl photo set